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Questions about the County

Your county government is made up of departments overseen by 48 different elected officials and several more appointed ones. While we on the web team know a fair amount about the county, there's still much we don't.

If you have questions about a county department and the services it offers, you'll get the best information by contacting that department directly.

E-mail for other Departments

When a department has an e-mail address, we include that on the department's contact page. If you are unable to find an email address, we will forward a message for you, however, please indicate a specific agency or individual whom you wish to receive your message.

Suggestions for site improvement

Your feedback and suggestions on how to improve this web site are welcome. Please use our online comments form or email the webmaster

Some departments and divisions, such as the Tax Office, the Law Library, and the County and District Clerks' records divisions, operate web sites which are not maintained by the Travis County Webmaster.

Records Search Assistance

For assistance with the District Clerk's Records Search pages please contact the District Clerk's Office at (512) 854-9457. 

For assistance with the County Clerk's Probate or Civil Case records search contact the County Clerk's Office at (512) 854-9440 or via email:

Tax Office Website: Property Tax, Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration

Tax OfficeContact information for the Travis County Tax Assessor/Collector is available on the Tax Office's website:  www.traviscountytax.org

Something doesn't look right

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It looks fine, but it won't work

All the pages look fine, but a link is broken or we have some information you know is wrong.

We appreciate being alerted to a problem with a particular page on the site. If possible, please include the title or URL of the page to help us find and fix it. You may email the webmaster or contact us directly.

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