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Domestic Relations

Visitation Enforcement

Domestic Relations Office Attorneys and staff serve as a "FRIEND OF THE COURT" and do not represent you or any party.

Visitation Enforcement Services are offered as a part of Travis County's Cooperative Parenting Program.

What is Visitation Enforcement?

Visitation Enforcement helps non-custodial parents who are being denied access to their children, have conflict with the co-parent, or have on-going conflict during exchanges.. Not all cases will qualify for legal action. Determination of legal criteria for enforcement is made on a case-by-case basis by the visitation attorney.

If your final court order was issues by another county or state, please see the Intervention Services page.

Components of the Visitation Enforcement Program

  1. Education - Cooperative Parenting Classes - Focus groups provide parents with helpful tools that encourage a healthy family environment for their children, during and after parental conflict.
    The Cooperative Parenting Course is also available on-line in Spanish and English.For more information, or to enroll, visit
  2. Case Management - The visitation enforcement officer will gather relevant information, maintain necessary contact with parents, provide guidance throughout the enforcement process, and initiate referrals to other community resources as needed.

  3. Legal Intervention - An in-house attorney will review court orders and initiate court proceedings to enforce visitation as deemed necessary.

Services Provided

Services for resolving child access and visitation issues include:

**Special arrangements are made in family violence cases

How to apply:

  • In person - applications are available in our office located at 1010 Lavaca Street, Austin TX 78701 or download an application from our forms page.
  • By mail - mail the completed application to the Domestic Relations Office, P.O. 1495, Austin TX 78767
  • By fax - fax the completed application to (512) 854-9819

You may use our Visitation Denial Log (found on our forms page) to keep a record of visitation violations.

All applicants are required to attend an orientation, held each Wednesday at 1:30 PM at the Domestic Relations Office. All applicants must bring their final court order to the orientation. NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED AT THE ORIENTATION

All applicants are expected to follow all program rules and guidelines, provided to you in the orientation meeting.

How can I change my court order?

To change your court order or visitation rights, you will need to go to court. You may contact the following agencies for affordable legal assistance if you do not have an attorney already:



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