Criminal Justice

Justice and Public Safety Division

Roger Jefferies, Justice & Public Safety County Executive

Kristy L. Vargas, Executive Assistant - (512) 854-4415
Carsten Andresen, Planning Manager - (512) 854-4755
Mitchell Goertz, Financial Analyst - (512) 854-4751
Efrain Davila, Planner - (512) 854-4787

700 Lavaca, Suite 1530
P.O. Box 1748
Austin, Texas 78767

Phone: (512) 854-4415
Fax: (512) 854-4417


Criminal Justice Planning (512) 854-4415

Roger Jefferies, County Executive
The mission of the Criminal Justice Planning Department is to support the Travis County Commissioners Court and key stakeholders by providing quality data analysis and facilitating the planning and implementation of county-wide initiatives for the enhancement of public safety.

Counseling & Education Services (512) 854-9540

Caryl Colburn, Director
(TCCES) promotes public safety and crime reduction through assessment and rehabilitative programs for adults and juveniles referred by various criminal justice affiliates.

Juvenile Public Defender (512) 854-4128

Kameron Johnson, Public Defender
The Juvenile Public Defender's Office is committed to providing superior and ethical legal representation to individuals of Travis County who are unable to afford legal counsel and who are facing criminal accusations or other statutorily defined state action.

Mental Health Public Defender (512) 854-3030

Jeanette Kinard, Director
The Travis County Mental Health Public Defender Office began in April, 2007 and is grant funded by the Task Force on Indigent Defense. The office serves the needs of persons with mental illness in the criminal justice system. Cases are primarily referred to the MHPD through Travis County Court Administration. Referrals are also made by judges, attorneys, pre-trial services or mental health advocacy groups.

Office of Child Representation (512) 854-7312

Leslie Hill, Managing Attorney
The Office of Child Representation provides legal representation and case management for children who are involved in Child Protective Services cases.

Office of Parent Representation (512) 854-7305

Lori Kennedy, Managing Attorney
The Office of Parental Representation (OPR) provides a voice for indigent, primary parents who have had their children removed or are at risk of having their children removed by The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services due to allegations of abuse/neglect. The Travis County Office of Parental Representation will accomplishes this by providing early, competent, zealous and consistent legal representation and support/case management services to indigent primary parents and the families of origin.

Dispute Resolution (512) 371-0033

The Dispute Resolution Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides and promotes accessible, high-quality dispute resolution services for all people in Travis County and the surrounding Austin, TX areas.

(The Adult Probation Department (CSCD) does not fall under the purview of Justice and Public Safety.)


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