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Travis County Clerk Elections Division

Mock Election

Why a Mock Election?

The County Clerk's Mock Election Program is designed to replicate the real voting process as closely as possible. Students experience the voting process and the steps involved in setting up the polling place. The mock election is intended to promote confidence and prepare students to exercise their right to vote.

The Mock Election serves to educate students in two ways:

  • As a Voter

    Students have the opportunity to vote in a polling place that uses almost identical procedures and equipment as those used in a real polling place. Even the ballots the students vote on are Optical Scan ballots specially prepared for the Mock Election. Students go through the entire process beginning with voter qualification and ending with placing their marked ballot into a sealed and locked ballot box.

  • As an election worker

    A group of students serve as election workers for their school's Mock Election polling place. These students have the unique opportunity to learn how the electoral process works on the inside as they experience the laws and procedures used in tallying the ballots.