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Storm Water Videos

Broadcast on Travis County's Cable Channel 17

November Schedule

The following information is presented for public education as part of Travis County's Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) required by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Austin Underground, presented by The City of Austin, is designed to provide viewers with a 'virtual field trip' into the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. The video is broken up into the following four segments:

  1. Geology- explores the passage of water over land to the recharge zone into critical environmental features including fractures, sinkholes, and caves. It also examines the dissolution of karst limestone.
  2. Hydrogeology- explores the underground flow of water through the cave/ aquifer system by means of dye trace studies, and the re-emergence of groundwater at local springs, particularly Barton Springs.
  3. Salamander- studies the aquifer and the springs as a habitat for aquatic species, including the Austin Blind Salamander and the endangered Barton Springs Salamander.
  4. Threats/Solutions- explores threats to the aquifer (non-point source pollution).

They will be broadcast together during each time block listed below:

November 1st- 8:30 am
November 2nd- 3:00 pm
November 3rd- 11:00 am

Majestic Plastic Bag, presented by 'Heal the Bay', is a mockumentary that is narrated by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons and tracks the "migration" of a plastic bag from a grocery store parking lot to the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch". The WaterSmart Videos, presented by Conservation Coordinator Brett Briant of the LCRA, are broken into the 12 segments outlined below:

  1. Using Mulch and Save Water- Adding mulch and compost can help save water, cut your water bill, and keep your lawn and plants healthier
  2. Mulch Improves Your Soil- Mulch and compost keep weeds at bay, improves your soil and makes your once-a-week watering more efficient
  3. Test Your Irrigation System- Testing your irrigation system is easy- demonstration of how to install a new battery, check for broken nozzles and inspect your rain sensor
  4. Cycle and Soak Irrigation- How the "cycle and soak" method reduces water runoff and allows soil to absorb more water more efficiently
  5. Replace Riser Seal- Brett Briant repairs a leaking rotor and replaces riser seals to have a more efficient irrigation system
  6. Repair Drip Tubing- Brett Briant repairs leaks in drip tubing so drip irrigation can be the most efficient use of supplemental water
  7. Install Drip Irrigation- Learn how to convert your automated irrigation system to a drip irrigation system to save water and money when watering your garden
  8. Domestic Use Program- LCRA water customers, including domestic use customers, are on a maximum once-a-week watering schedule because of the severe drought
  9. Lagos Vista Saves Water- The City of Lago Vista is laying pipe under the Highland Lakes Golf Course with the help of a cost-share grant from LCRA
  10. Marble Falls Saves Water- The City of Marble Falls uses recycled wastewater on four of its public parks with help from the Lower Colorado River Authority's cost-share program. The city is expected to save about 15 million gallons of water a year through the "purple pipe project," made possible through the cost-share program available to LCRA's firm water customers
  11. Hidden Falls Saves Water- LCRA's cost-share program helps Hidden Falls Golf Club reduce water use by 5 percent or almost 3.3 million gallons a year. The program is offered every spring and fall to LCRA firm water customers
  12. Cedar Park Saves Water- The City of Cedar Park is now using non-potable water to keep the turf green at the Brushy Creek Sports Complex. LCRA's cost-share program made it possible for the city to reuse household water to keep the fields safe and green through the hot Texas summers

They will be broadcast together during each time block listed below:

November 5th- 10:00 pm
November 6th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
November 7th- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
November 8th- 8:30 am
November 9th- 3:00 pm
November 10th- 11:00 am

The video titled, 'Texas, The State of Springs', presented by TEXAS Parks & Wildlife, explores the decline of our natural springs, issues that effect spring flow, and what can be done to save these resources. It will be broadcast on the following dates/ times:

November 12th- 10:00 pm
November 13th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
November 14th- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
November 15th- 8:30 am
November 16th- 3:00 pm
November 17th- 11:00 am

The following special features, presented by Texas Parks and Wildlife, and videos presented by the LCRA, will be broadcast during each time block listed below:

  1. In Land We Trust (TP&W)- the growing land trust movement offers new hope for threatened farm & ranch lands
  2. Policing Pollution (TP&W)- game wardens work to keep our water & air clean
  3. Last of the Bayous (TP&W)- chronicles the natural beauty of the Clear Creek area & its ecological significance
  4. Restoring Galveston Bay (TP&W)- challenges of reversing damage inflicted on Galveston Bay and its marshes
  5. Clean Water: It Starts With You (LCRA)- tips on how you can reduce the amount of pollution in storm water runoff.
  6. Blind Man's Vision (LCRA)- a brief look at Adam Johnson, who conceived the idea for what would become Buchanan Dam.

These six videos will be broadcast together during each of the following time blocks:

November 19th- 10:00 pm
November 20th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
November 21st- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
November 22nd- 8:30 am
November 23rd- 3:00 pm
November 24th- 11:00 am

The video titled, 'Texas, The State of Flowing Water', presented by TEXAS Parks & Wildlife, explores the importance of water for people and for wildlife, examines the threat facing Texas' water and how to protect it, and outlines simple steps people can take to avoid water shortages. It will be broadcast on the following dates/ times:

November 26th- 10:00 pm
November 27th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
November 28th- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
November 29th- 8:30 am
November 30th- 3:00 pm

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