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Statewide Civil Case Information Sheet and Travis County Supplementary Probate Court Cover Sheet - Revised 2013

The Texas Judicial Council has adopted a form to be used for all cases filed beginning September 2010. Forms are available on this page.

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 78a requires that all original petitions or applications filed in Texas civil courts include the state-mandated "Civil Case Information Sheet." In addition, local rules require that all original petitions or applications filed in this court include the "Supplementary Probate Court Information Sheet." Both sheets must be included with all original petitions or applications filed in this court; the only duplication between the forms is the case number and case style.

NOTE: The case information sheet must be signed, even if it is e-filed. If the case information sheet is submitted electronically, the Texas Judicial Council allows the signature to be either (1) a scanned image or (2) "/s/" and the name of the person completing the case information sheet typed in the space where the signature would otherwise appear.

NOTE: If you are e-filing the original petition or application, neither information sheet can be the lead document.

Download the state’s new Civil Case Information Sheet and the Travis County Probate Court's required Supplementary Probate Case Information Sheet in Microsoft Word format or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The file will download to your computer automatically.

If you want to fill out the two-page form by hand, download the pdf version to print, fill out, and submit with your initial pleadings.

If you want to fill out the two-page form on the computer, download the Microsoft Word version. After filling it out on the computer, either print the form to bring in with your initial pleadings, or save the form to submit with your initial e-filed pleadings.

The Clerk’s Office will assign the cause number.

Probate cover sheet, Word format (.doc) Probate cover sheet, Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)

Last Modified: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:57 AM

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