This is the official website of Travis County, Texas.

Locating Your Precinct

Voting Precincts

Travis County is divided into 210 neighborhood voting precincts.  During the Early Voting period preceding an election, registered voters may vote at any Early or Mobile Voting polling place, and on election day voters may use any polling location in Travis County.

The County Clerk posts lists of polling place locations for each election.

When you move, you must update your voter registration with your new address.  Visit the Tax Assessor/Collector's web site for more information regarding voter registration. 

Commissioners Court Precincts  

Travis County is divided into four Commissioners Court precincts.  Individual precincts are designated with a three digit number; the first number indicates the Commissioner's precinct.  If you live in Precinct 234 you are represented by the Precinct Two Commissioner; Precinct 406 falls within the Precinct Four Commissioner's district. 

Constable/Justice Of the Peace Precincts

Travis County is also divided into five Constable/Justice of the Peace precincts which do not correspond to the four Commissioners Court precincts.  If you know your voting precinct number you can look up your constable and justice of the peace precinct.

Resources on the Travis County Tax Office's Web Site

The Tax Assessor/Collector maintains a separate web site which is not containted within Travis County's official web site.

Using Your Voter Registration Card 

Your precinct number is listed on your voter registration card.  If you are a registered voter you can view a copy of your voter registration card on the Travis County Tax Office's web site voter registration look up.  If you have not yet registered to vote, or if you name has been purged from the voter registration rolls you may fill out a registration application form which is also available on the Tax Office Web Site registration application form.

Finding Your Precinct by Address

There is currently no way to look up your precinct by entering your address online, but you may look it up by using an online map.  Pictured below is the Tax Office web site's interactive map of Travis County.  Precinct boundary lines and numbers are displayed in green.  (Each grid box on the map contains several voting precincts.)

How to Use the Interactive Map

Below is an image of Tax Office's map.  The map below is not functional-- the interactive map resides on the Tax Office's web site.  Clicking on the map will cause the map to zoom in to a particular location.  You must click on a specific area on the map to zoom in--clicking on the center of the map zooms in to the center.  It is not possible to "drag" the map in the window. You can zoom out by clicking on the magnifying glass with the minus sign (in the pink box).


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