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Program Supervisor – Mary Williams

The Travis County Social Services Unit provides services intended to protect children from abuse/neglect by parents, caretakers, and other household members. This program puts Families FIRST by providing family intervention, referral, support and training with the following goals:

The program provides intensive home visits and transportation services to children and families who are at risk for abuse/neglect or who have already experienced judicial intervention for abuse/neglect. The caseworkers help families develop and meet attainable goals for both positive parent-child interaction and self-sufficiency. Families are linked to support for urgent basic needs (rent, utilities, food), day care, immunizations, health care, WIC, TANF, ECI, day care, housing, TX worksource, mental health services, education programs, etc.

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child with doll Child Protective Services Board
Board Liaison - Andrea Colunga Bussey

The Travis County Child Protective Services (CPS) Board supports the community’s CPS program to protect children from abuse and neglect by parents, caretakers and other household members, and to act in the best interest of children when it is not safe for the children to live with their biological families. If risk is identified, then the program provides services for the families and children to reduce the risk so that the children may remain or return to their biological families, or the program develops and implements plans to achieve the best and most appropriate permanent, safe home for the children.

The CPS Board’s nonprofit arm – the Capital Area Safe Kids Fund – raises private funds to augment the Travis County dollars invested for children.

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Last Modified: Thursday, October 18, 2012 5:29 PM

Last Modified: Thursday, October 18, 2012 5:29 PM

Social Services Unit

Child Protective Services Board