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The Office of Emergency Management serves as the coordinating point of disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery capabilities for Travis County in cooperation with the county's various municipal governments. Travis County assists in staffing and sponsoring a joint City of Austin-Travis County Emergency Operations Center.


Company upgrading refrigeration system says there is potential for ammonia smell

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods, located at 200 Michael Angelo Way in Round Rock and Travis County, is upgrading their refrigeration system. During this process, especially June 30-July 2, the smell of ammonia near the vicinity of the facility is possible. More details...




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TIER II Submisions

Local Emergency Planning Committee


Emergency Management Coordinator

Pete Baldwin
Office: (512) 974-0472

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator

Stacy Moore
Office: (512) 974-0473

Hazardous Materials Coordinator

Preston Doege
Office: (512) 974-0476

Emergency Planner

Shantelle Dunn
Office: (512) 974-0474

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