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Family Court Fees

Family Law Court Costs and Reporting Requirements for the District Courts

The following fees apply only to the District Courts in Travis County. 

General Reporting Requirements:

Certain forms are required in family law matters to comply with State and local reporting requirements. These forms may be picked up at the district clerk's office in the Travis County Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe, room 302. To speed processing of decrees/orders, the required copies and forms should be submitted at the time any final decree/order is filed with the District Clerk.

Forms Required for Final Family Law Orders

Final Protective Order: Original order is needed for submitting copies to the persons and agencies as required by law. Complete Protective Order form in full and provide four copies.

Copies of Orders

  1. Copies presented for the respondent or for the parties' individual records should be identifiable from the original. This identification may be handwritten or stamped (self-inking stamps are available in Room 302 at the front counter).
  2. To avoid delays, copies and forms should be submitted with the original order.

Copies and Certified Copies

Charge is per page unless otherwise noted

  Certified copy $ 1.00 per page +
$ 1.00 certification fee 
  Photocopy (uncertified)
$ 1.00  
  Microfilm copy
$ 1.00  
 Self-service photocopy
$ 0.75  
  Docket Sheet print out cost per page,
  Self-service microfilm
$ 1.00  

The District Clerk of Travis County provides this Schedule of Court Costs and Fees for your convenience. The filing fees for civil cases are authorized by several statutes and is comprised of the following fees:

Copy Fee (tax/non tax)  $ 1.00
Records Management Fee Civil  $ 5.00
Security Service Fee Civil
 $ 5.00
Legal Services Indigent Fee  $ 5.00
District Clerk Records Management Pres Fee  $ 5.00
Appellate Judicial System  $ 5.00
District Court Record Archive Fee  $ 10.00
Court Record Preservation Fee  $ 10.00
Alt Dispute Resol Fee Civil  $ 15.00
DRO Operations Fee  $ 15.00
Court Reporter Fee Civil  $ 15.00
Central Adoption Registry Fnd  $ 15.00
Civil Courthouse Fee  $ 15.00
Library Fee District Law Library  $ 35.00
Judiciary Civil Filing Fee  $ 42.00
Civil Fees District Clerk  $ 50.00
State Filing Fee  $ 45.00


 $ 293.00

Additional fee for: Divorce case with Children

DRO (203.005 Family)  $ 15.00  
Family Protection Fee (51.961 Gov.)  $ 15.00  
Vital Statistics – Divorce Cases (194.002 Health & Safety)  $   1.00  
Waiver Divorce – Waiver of Service (313.319 Gov.)  $   1.00  

If you have any questions, consult with the Family Law Case Coordinator assigned to your case. You may wish to do this at the time your petition or motion is originally filed. We will be glad to review the chart with you and assist with applying it to your particular case.

Reporting Forms

  1. Complete in black ink or have typewritten to enhance readability in reproduction.
  2. State agencies will not accept reproduced, photocopied, or computer generated substitutes. Please use the original forms supplied by the district clerk in Room 302.
  3. Please leave any Clerk's signature block and dates blank.

Please do not hesitate to request assistance or additional information. Your assistance and cooperation in submitting the required copies and forms will help us serve you better and is greatly appreciated.

Original Petitions

Other Family  $ 292.00  
Petition for Habeas Corpus  $ 262.00  
Change of Name  $ 283.00  
Removal of Disabilities  $ 263.00  
Paternity  $ 277.00  
Separate Maintenance  $ 297.00  
Voluntary Legitimation  $ 277.00  
Parent-Child Relationship  $ 277.00  
Annulment  $ 298.00  
Annulment with Waiver  $ 299.00  
Divorce Non-Waiver with Children  $ 293.00  
Divorce Waiver with Children  $ 294.00  
Divorce Non-Waiver without Children  $ 298.00  
Divorce Waiver without Children  $ 299.00  
Adoption Only:
Adult Adoption / Foreign Adoption  $ 262.00  
Adoption  $ 293.00  
Termination (Private, TDPRS/Marywood)  $ 278.00  
Termination/Adoption  $ 293.00  

Effective May 15, 2007: Investigation Fee and Guardian Ad Litem Fee will be processed through the Domestic Relations Office.

Other Pleadings

Motions: Transfer, All wage withholding applications, notices and motions. All license suspension petitions and motions filed in existing cause  $ 65.00  
Motions: Motion for Cross Action, Counterclaim, Intervention, Third Party Petition

Motion for Contempt:

Motion for New Trial:
 $ 65.00  

 $ 65.00  

 $ 65.00  
Motions: Modify, Enforce  $ 55.00  
Jury Demand  $ 30.00  

Issuance Fees

Citation, Subpoena, Notice, Temporary Restraining Order, Certified Notice Show Cause, Writ of Attachment / Habeas Corpus, Commission to Take Deposition / Letters Rogatory  $   8.00  
License Suspension Notice to Agency  $   5.00  
Change of Name Certificate  $ 10.00  
Writ of Withholding/Order of Withholding  $ 15.00  

Service Fees (Collected on behalf of Travis County Constable)

Citation (all types), Subpoena,* Notices: Show Cause / Certified
* The $75.00 subpoena service fee does not include the  $10.00 witness payment fee, which must be submitted separately.
 $   75.00
Injunction, Restraining Order, Writs of Habeas  $ 115.00
Protective Order
Protective Order fees charged to case but do not have to be paid by Applicant
 $ 140.00
Writ of Attachment  $ 155.00

Last Modified: Monday, April 28, 2014 2:44 PM

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