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Proposed Vote Centers

To: Elected Officials, Political Parties, Local Jurisdictions, Civic Leaders and Travis County Voters

I am writing to ask for your input and support for a proposal which, if approved by the Texas Secretary of State, will allow Travis County to use vote centers for the November 2011 election. Vote centers, also referred to as countywide polling places, provide all registered Travis County voters the option of voting at any of the county's polling locations on election day. This means election day polling locations can operate similarly to early voting locations.

Vote centers will allow us to give voters greater convenience, eliminate the confusion of where to vote on election day, reduce problems with less-than-ideal polling locations, reduce the number of elementary schools that have to be used for polling places, and reduce the number of provisional votes cast each election.

While some areas in Texas and around the country have used this approach to dramatically reduce the number of election day polling locations, we believe it is better to make changes regarding voting gradually, thoughtfully, and with community input over a number of elections. Therefore, we are proposing that the number of polling locations be reduced less than 10% for the November election.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, I presented this issue to Commissioners Court. I have included the letter that has been given to Commissioners Court that gives additional details about this program.

Your input on this plan is critical. Before we submit this proposal (it is due no later than August 3, 2011), I want to get community feedback about this concept and the preliminary list of polling locations we have prepared. In addition to asking for comments by phone, regular mail, email, and on Facebook, we will be scheduling a formal public hearing before Commissioners Court.

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I look forward to talking with you.

Dana DeBeauvoir


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