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1997 Travis County
Bond Election
Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Travis County will have a bond election on Tuesday, November 4, in conjunction with the State Constitutional Amendment election. Early voting began Saturday, October 18 and ends Friday, October 31. For more information about Early Voting or Election Day polling locations and hours, contact the Travis County Clerk’s Election Division at 854-9553.

Why do we have bond elections?

Bond elections allow voters to approve or reject long-term financing for major County Capital Improvement Projects. Financing projects through bond authorizations allows the County to pay for improvements over 20 years, rather than funding the projects with current funds. This method of financing allows for the current and the next generation of citizens to pay their share of the cost of improvements.

What are bonds?

Bonds are sold to borrow money to pay for major capital projects such as roads, jails and parks. The proposed bonds are general obligation bonds and will be repaid over the next twenty years from property taxes.

General Obligation Bond Authority: $96,050,000

Proposition Amount
1. Road and Bridge Improvements $36,015,000
2. Parkland Acquisition and Improvements 19,110,000
3. Juvenile Justice Center Expansion 16,045,000
4. MKT (MoKan) Hike and Bike Trail 1,620,000
5. State Highway 130 Right-of-Way 4,000,000
6. State Highway 45 Right-of-Way 3,525,000
7. Emergency Services (STAR Flight) Facility 2,035,000
8. Del Valle Jail Expansion 13,700,000

The Bottom Line: Impact on a Typical Home Owner

  FY 98 FY 99 FY 00 FY 01 FY 02 FY 03
Assumed Property Value $124,433 $134,388 $142,451 $149,573 $157,052 $164,905
Taxable Value $99,424 $107,510 $113,961 $119,659 $125,642 $131,924
Tax Impact if all Bonds Pass $0.00 $8.71 $14.25 $19.50 $24.63 $29.42

1. Road and Bridge Improvements

Proposition 1 includes road and bridge projects that expand and improve the county’s road system. This package will reconstruct approximately 20 miles of roads countywide, upgrade about 9.2 miles of substandard subdivision streets, make road capacity improvements to 6 roads, replace 7 bridges and eliminate a low water crossing.

Total Proposition 1: $36,015,000

2. Parkland Acquisition and Improvements

Proposition 2 asks voters to approve the sale of bonds for four park projects:

• Southeast Metro Park: ($8,515,000) to purchase a minimum of 200 acres, build 5 ball fields, 4 soccer fields, concession stand, playground, picnic area, bathrooms and related infrastructure.

• Northeast Metro Park: ($6,780,000) to purchase a minimum of 200 acres, build at least 8 soccer fields, concession stand, bathrooms, picnic area and related infrastructure.

• Mansfield Dam Park: ($3,480,000) to develop a boat ramp, dive area, group picnic area and a beach.

• Webberville Park: ($335,000) to add sports field lighting.

Total Proposition 2: $19,110,000

3. Juvenile Justice Center Expansion

Proposition 3 proposes the expansion of the existing Gardner- Betts Juvenile Justice Center. Travis County will leverage a $3.5 million grant from the State to construct a new Intermediate Sanctions Center at that site. The proposed facility will provide 100 halfway house and secure beds for juveniles with sentences that keep them in the community.

The other portion of this proposition adds 24 secure beds for detention, additional space for court services and intake processing, and shells out space for a future 24 bed expansion.

Total Proposition 3: $16,045,000

4. MKT (MoKan) Hike and Bike Trail

Proposition 4 seeks approval to issue $1,620,000 for the construction of a hike and bike trail in Northeast Travis County. The trail will be constructed on existing public right-of-way and this bond funding is dedicated only to the MKT Trail. This 4.5 mile long hike, bike and equestrian trail starts at Cameron Road and continues to the proposed YMCA East Communities Branch south of Loyola Lane.

Total Proposition 4: $1,620,000

5. State Highway 130 Right-of-Way

Proposition 5 asks voters to approve the issuance of $4 million for the first phase of right-of-way needed for the proposed bypass of Interstate 35 running from Georgetown to Seguin. This road, known as State Highway 130, traverses Eastern Travis County. The County will not purchase any land further west of what is now the technically preferred alignment. The extent of access on and off the highway is still under consideration and subject to change. This amount represents only a portion of the total right-of-way needed for SH130 that falls within Travis County, butrepresents an initial investment in the highway project.

Total Proposition 5: $4,000,000

6. State Highway 45 Right-of-Way

Proposition 6 asks voters to approve the sale of bonds for the proposed linkage of Loop 1 South to FM 1626, known as SH45. The acquisition required is 300 feet wide and 3.2 miles in length. State Highway 45 is designed to provide a bypass to relieve congestion of trucks and vehicles coming through neighborhoods along Brodie Lane.

Total Proposition 6: $3,525,000

7. Emergency Services (STAR Flight) Facility

Proposition 7 includes money for a new STAR Flight helicopter maintenance facility with hangar space for two aircraft, crew quarters and a training facility. Approximately three acres of land is required.

The existing STAR Flight hangar is located in rented space at Robert Mueller Airport and must be vacated within two years.

Total Proposition 7: $2,035,000

8. Del Valle Jail Expansion

Proposition 8 asks voters to approve the sale of bonds for the continued expansion of jail facilities at the Del Valle Correctional Complex. This facility currently operates well beyond its maximum capacity. This phase of construction includes better central control and electronic security, and a new medical, psychiatric and treatment unit.

The ballfields at Del Valle will not be used for the jail expansion, until after the ballfields are relocated.

Total Proposition 8: $13,700,000