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Travis County Commissioners Court

March 6, 2012 (Agenda)
Travis County Corporations

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And finally, let's call to order the Travis County health facilities development corporation, the Travis County housing finance corporation, the capital industrial development corporation, the Travis County cultural education facilities finance corporation, and the Travis County development authority.
and one item common to all five entities, consider and take appropriate action on the following: a, invoice for external audit services for fiscal year 2011 from atchley and associates, llp, and b, corporations management representation letter to outside auditor atchley and associates, llp.

>> this is the same as the housing finance corporation item.

>> so you are asking for the same action.

>> asking for the same action.

>> move approval of a and b.

>> seconded by director Davis.
all in favor?
that passes by unanimous vote.

>> move we adjourn.

>> second.

>> all in favor?
that carries unanimously.
just to note, we have a work session day after tomorrow, March 8th, on the Travis County wildfire preparedness initiatives.

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