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March 6, 2012 (Agenda)
Item 4

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Item 4 is to approve proclamation declaring March 2012 as purchasing month in Travis County.

>> good morning, judge, Commissioners.
cyd grimes, Travis County purchasing agent along with my long-time assistant mr. Marvin bryce.
marvin and I were driving over and talking about it's been 19 years that we've been working side by side.
it's hard to believe.
we're young.
we're young.

>> you started when you were 14 and 15, right?

>> but each year in March the national institute of governmental purchasing sponsors a nationwide purchasing month just to recognize public professionals who work each day to make and help the taxpayers save money, ensure transparency in governmental spending and to ensure the confidence of the public in their elected officials.
so we are here today for the court to recognize that effort in the rest of the county and also recognize all of the staff and my office.
we would usually have them here for the proke makes but as you know we have -- proclamation but we have so many projects going on we are just really busy, busy.
everyone is working except marvin.
and marvin has a few words that he wanted to say too.
and I also want to recognize the liaisons in all of the offices.
we have purchasing liaison in each elected official's office and department who works very closely with our office to ensure the process works correctly and, of course, all the elected officials and your executives help to support and ensure that their staff and everyone in the county is following these rules.
turn it over to marvin.

>> thank you.
get out from under this bus she just threw me under.
good morning, judge, Commissioners.
marvin bryce, assistant purchasing agent.
we do want to say thank you for the proclamation and more importantly for the recognition of the hard work of your purchasing professionals here in Travis County.
we work hard every day to ensure a prudent expenditure of taxpayer dollars as cyd said.
we want to make sure we get the best value for those dollars.
we're in quite a unique situation, I think.
we do have to ensure we receive the best value for goods and services at the best price, but at the same time we have to ensure that our contractors and providers are treated fairly as well and they are allowed to make a fair profit.
we approach it from a win-win team work approach.
and I think we do a very good job, not to toot our own horn, we have a dedicated staff, you guys have a dedicated staff of purchasing professionals that work very hard on behalf of this court, the county department and the taxpayers of Travis County.
and just want to say thank you for the recognition and proclamation.

>> thank you.
should we read the proclamation?

>> please.

>> it reads: whereas the national institute of governmental purchasing, nigp, has declared March 2012 to be purchasing month nationwide.
whereas the public purchasing and materials management profession works to better build business and government.
whereas the employees of the Travis County purchasing inventory management and hub office staff dedicated themselves to fair and responsible purchasing practices.
whereas these staff members are committed to performing at the highest level of their profession to efficiently utilize precious tax dollars for the benefit of Travis County taxpayers.
whereas these staff members contribute to the city, county and state's economic success while upholding the laws of the great state of Texas.
and adhering to a business code of ethics.
whereas these staff members encourage and sponsor activities to promote education and certification in purchasing.
whereas these staff members dutifully fulfill an obligation to extend opportunities to all members of the business community by engaging in fair and inclusive purchasing practices.
whereas these staff members are dedicated to the inclusion of women and minority owned businesses in the procurement process while promoting and fostering public confidence in the integrity of the process.
now therefore be it known that we the members of the Travis County Commissioners court hereby proclaim March 2012 as purchasing -- as public purchasing month in the county of travis.
and I move approval.

>> second.

>> any more discussion?

>> you all do a tremendous job.
you keep our nose clean.

>> thank you all very much.

>> our collective noses clean.

>> thank you for all of you all's support.

>> we know it's not easy so we appreciate you all hang in there and working with us.

>> and really helping us so much, there is no such thing as patronage in Travis County because of you all.

>> no known.

>> as I say, I have no friends.


>> [inaudible].

>> that's right.
that's right.

>> all in favor?
that passes by unanimous vote.

>> thank you all.

>> thank you all.
we have plenty of these.
so many that we insist you take yours.

>> thank you, judge.

>> thank you.

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