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Travis County Code: Chapter 82.
Travis County Development Regulations


The Travis County Code is the codification of Court Orders representing the policies and procedures of Travis County. The documents presented here are provided for the convenience of the user of the Code and do not constitute the official Travis County Code.

Please note: This is a compilation of this portion of the Travis County Code as adopted and amended from time to time by various orders of the Travis County Commissioners Court. Care has been taken in converting these documents to electronic format, however, from time to time errors may occur. Furthermore, in the event of any conflict between this compilation and the text of any actual order of the Travis County Commissioners Court in the records of the Travis County Clerk, the latter shall control. Accordingly, this compilation is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind as to its correctness.

These standards apply to unincorporated Travis County. The county coordinates with all municipalities with the county to review subdivisions and building permits in their extra territorial jurisdictions. Please contact the Travis County Development Services to determine if a dual review process is required.

New Subdivision Rules: Groundwater Availability Regulations

Review the recently adopted groundwater availability regulations for new subdivisions.

Travis County Right-of-Way

If you are a contractor building a house on a lot, a landscape designer working with a client to beautify a front yard are or a citizen wanting to build a new mailbox or plant a new tree along the road, you probably have a questions about Travis County Right-of-Way (ROW). Chapter 82 of the Travis County Code goes into detail about ROW regulations. Basic ROW setbacks distances are in the chart below:

Clear Recovery Area Setbacks for Objects Other Than Plants
Cross Section Design Speed (mph) Average Daily Traffic Horizontal Setback
Barrier Curb < 45 All 1.5"
Barrier Curb < 50 All 10"
No Barrier Curb < 45 < 16,000 10"
No Barrier Curb < 45 < 16,000 20"
No Barrier Curb < 50 All 20"

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